A computer chair is a great addition to any home office. It provides you with the comfort of sitting in an ergonomic way while you work on your laptop or PC. But over time, it can get dirty and worn-down. We all know the struggle of sitting in a dirty computer chair. It’s hard to concentrate and we can feel that itchy sensation all over our body – which is why this article will give you tips on how to clean your computer chair!

What is a computer chair?

A computer chair is a type of chair used by people as they do their work at a desk, which usually has a high back and arms. The term is also used to describe a chair used in front of a computer or desk, such as for playing video games.

Computers chairs can come with several different types of upholstery and padding, including mesh cloth and leather. However, the most common type found in homes is made from plastic.

What should I use to clean my computer chair?

Cleaning your computer chair can be done effectively with a multi-purpose cleaning solution or a wood soap cleanser. The best way to keep your chair looking great with minimal effort is to vacuum it regularly with a brush attachment.

How long will this take to clean?

It is recommended that you spend no more than 10 minutes per week on cleaning your computer chair. How often you clean it will depend on how dirty the chair becomes over time and which type of material the upholstery is made from. How to clean a mesh cloth or leather computer chair is very similar to the process of cleaning a wood desk chair.

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How do I clean my computer chair?

There are several steps involved in how to clean a computer chair correctly. Start by vacuuming the seat of your chair using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, which will pick up dirt and dust that can lead to build up over time.

Next, wipe down the seat with a damp, clean cloth to remove stains and any other debris that may have been missed by your vacuum cleaner. If necessary, you can use a fabric cleaner solution recommended for microfiber materials or leather on any stubborn stains or marks.

After this step is complete, move onto how to clean the back of your chair. To do this, take a damp cloth and wipe down the seat’s support bars before moving onto how to clean the headrest on your chair.

Wash it with some soap or cleaner, then dry it with a lint-free towel. Look through how to clean the arms on your chair, how to clean the exterior of your chair and how to clean the levers on your chair for specific instructions.

From how to clean a computer chair, you can learn how to deeply clean and protect most types of computer chairs. It is important that you learn how to properly take care of this type of furniture because it is elevated off the ground and can be expensive to replace.

Want to know about cleaning instructions for office chair?

How do you clean a fabric computer chair?

How to clean a computer chair Fabric Washing
How to clean a computer chair Fabric Washing

If you want to clean your fabric computer chair, follow the steps below:

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1. Vacuum the surface of your chair.

2. Take out or lift off all items on or around your computer chair, such as your keyboard and mouse pad, if they are mounted to it. If you just have papers, sitting on the chair, remove them too.

3. Spray any stain removers onto the fabric. It is not necessary for this step if your chair does not have any stains on it, but it can’t hurt to use a cleanser of some kind.

4. Scrub out or blot out stains with a sponge or rag. You may need to wipe several times to remove stubborn stains completely from the fabric.

5. Rinse your chair with a damp cloth or sponge. You need to remove all cleansers from the fabric so it does not irritate your skin when you sit on the chair later.

6. Turn off any fans in the room and shut any windows, as this will cause the moisture in your room to increase dramatically once you turn on the heat or air conditioning. Since you want to be comfortable in your clean chair, avoid this added moisture.

7. Allow the fabric to dry completely before sitting on it or replacing any items you removed from your chair during cleaning.

How to clean computer chair wheels

Computer chair’s wheels are one of the dirtiest and greasiest parts of your computer chair. How to clean computer chair wheels is a very easy task if you know how to do it,

step 1:

Take out the wheels of your computer chair. You can do this easily by removing four screws or so.

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step 2:

Use a screwdriver to remove the pad, if there’s one. This is done because it’ll be very hard to clean underneath them otherwise.

step 3:

Put soap in water in a bucket and use a rag to clean the wheels. You can just wipe it with your bare hand if you do not have a rag.

step 4:

Rinse the soap water off with water in another bucket. Let the wheels dry for about an hour or so before putting them back on.


You may have a dirty computer chair. If so, don’t worry! There are many ways to clean your computer chair and you can find one that will work for you with just a little bit of time and effort! We hope this blog post has been helpful in giving you some ideas on how to tackle the task at hand. Feel free to reach out if you need any help or want more information about cleaning your office furniture.